Audan Rooster Training To Win Cockfighting

Audan Rooster Training To Win Cockfighting

Audan Rooster Training To Win Cockfighting – The game of cockfighting is one of the gambling games that have quite a lot of enthusiasts and many also make bets in this cockfighting game.

Surely as a complaint Chicken botoh / a complaint Chicken fan, he has experienced a disaster like his rooster did not dare to fight, especially because he suffered defeat when the Chicken was fighting in the arena.

The mentality and courage of the fighting Chicken is the most important weapon for the Chicken fighters to be able to complete our fighting game to determine the champion. In general, normal fighting chickens have the mental courage to fight at the age of about seven (7) months. what’s the point if the fighting cock that you have cared for from small to large has a strong and large body but does not have the courage and mentality to fight.

In this good opportunity, we as agents of S128 Cockfighting will review and provide you with how to quickly make fighting cocks have the mental and courage to fight. for those of you who are still new to this world, please refer to the article that we provide is good.

Tips for making fighting fighting chickens:

Complaint Chicken Given Herb:

Many say that a chicken who has no mentality is a chicken that has no heart. Actually what is meant here is that the Chicken has problems with its internal organs, especially the liver, so that the Chicken is reluctant to fight. The most effective way to nourish and treat internal organs in chickens is by giving herbal herbs. this herbal concoction can be made with natural ingredients such as turmeric, brown sugar, honey and others.

Given Live Food:

Already many of the botoh provide live animal feed to make fighting chickens more aggressive. animals that can be given include live crickets, live frogs, and young mice. Chickens should be allowed to eat chasing their prey, then gradually the defective fighting cock will get better again.

Fighting Chickens Should Be Separated:

Separation can be done by placing the chickens in a different cage from one another fighting cock. this aims to reduce the risk of young chickens fighting with their brothers. When mixed in one cage, most chickens who have good mentality will beat (bully) Chicken that has a weak mentality so that weak chickens become accustomed to giving in and don’t dare to fight.

Fighting Chicken Entered Cage Isolation:

Isolation cage is just a term that the admin deliberately made to be used by young chickens who are mentally damaged. Isolation cage is a cage that is closed and not accessible to other fighting chickens. The goal is to put the chicken in an isolation cage so that mentally weak chickens can recover after being removed because it has been a long time since they have seen other chickens and usually only in a matter of weeks.